Mobile Ventures: The investment company

Mobile Ventures is an independent associated company within the company of the 1&1 Drillisch AG. Being a part of the company, we can offer substantial added value as an investor.

Information on the company

The 1&1 Drillisch AG is a network-independent Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with a total of ca. 12,39 million customers contracts. This includes about 8.06 million mobile communications contracts and 4.33 million DSL / VDSL contracts. In a mobile communications market environment which is characterized by fierce competition, the 1&1 Drillisch AG has established itself as price leading and innovative mobile communications provider.

You can find further information about Investor Relations and the 1&1 Drillisch AG here.

Core competences: online-marketing and the mobile communications market

The strengths of the company of the 1&1 Drillisch AG lie in the field of e-commerce mobile communications marketing, the correct and timely product and market positioning, and flexibility and swiftness.

Mobile communications products are currently distributed via ca. 18 different brand websites in the framework of an e-commerce multi-brand strategy. Moreover, there are numerous online cooperation schemes, marketing partners, and web and mobile integrations. Naturally, all common online distribution channels and marketing modes are being used.

The 1&1 Drillisch AG is able to assert itself in a market environment characterised by fierce competition, especially due to its swiftness and profound knowledge of market and web technology. The 1&1 Drillisch AG knows how to position itself timely and correctly on the mobile communications market and to flexibly adapt to new trends and changed customer needs.

Operational units

The operational business of the 1&1 Drillisch AG is brought together in the wholly-owned subsidiaries Drillisch Online GmbH and 1&1 Telecommunication SE. The subsidiary IQ-optimize Software AG is an innovative software technology provider and software contractor within the company.

Drillisch Telecom - Tochterunternehmen der 1&1 Drillisch AG
IQ Optimize - Tochterunternehmen der 1&1 Drillisch AG, Software / IT Unternehmen

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